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How do I pay for my Repairs?
You may pay by Ins.Check, Cash, Bank Check or Personal Check if oked by Owner.

Do I pay the Deductible?
Yes all Insured Vehicles going thru your Ins. carrier the Deductible is your responsibilty.

Do you have Saturday hours? No but we do stay later on Friday night for customers.

What do I do if I have an Ins. Check from the Ins. Co.?
Hold on to it and sign it over at time of P/U or you may leave it with us in your file until your Vehicle is completed.

Do I need to make an appointment for an estimate? You call or stop in..

What if I conacted my Ins. Co. and they told me to go to a Direct Repair Shop in my area but I want you to fix my vehicle? That happens often by Law an Ins. Co. is not in any way shape or form to steer you any where, you have the right by FL. State Law to go to any Lic. Repair Facility in the State and your Ins. Co. can either be notified by us or you that they need to come to our Facility to write your damages.

What if you find more Damages than what my Ins. Co. or the other Ins. Co. allowed?
Not a problem that is what we call in the industry as a supplement this standard nine out of ten times we will always find hidden damages, we contact the Ins. Co. to come out and add to the original estimate so we can complete the repairs.

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